Mobile App Development in Singapore

Creating a mobile application is a learnable process which can be mastered. With professional assistants from Fooyo, businesses can create mobile apps from zero-to-one with success.

Mobile App Development Singapore

Why Develop Mobile Apps in Singapore?

In a globally connected world, it is wise to utilise global talents to create the best-in-class mobile applications. 

As a global city-state, Singapore has a good supply of digital talents, especially in the field of Project management, UI/UX design, and Software Engineers. At the same time, we rely on Singapore’s global connectivity to partner with smart creatives internationally to deliver the best products at reasonable rates. 

We strategically hire core digital talents locally in Singapore,  with a few important roles located elsewhere, e.g., front-end developers in China.

Our Agile Team of Mobile Developers

Agile Mobile App Development Team

In a typical mobile application development project, it requires a few key roles:

  1. Project Owner, who oversees the project.
  2. Project Managers, who manage the project coordination and management of the project.
  3. Backend Developers, who design and develop databases, create backend applications, and RestFul APIs.
  4. Frontend Developers, who develop mobile app interfaces.
  5. UI/UX Designers, who design the workflow and visuals of the mobile apps.
  6. Test Engineers, who perform UAT(User acceptance testing) and ensure the features are developed as designed.

It is professional teamwork which requires sophisticated experiences to get things done.

At Fooyo, we believe that delivery is just a basic requirement, creating extraordinary experiences for the end user will be the key factor which ensures operation success and great user retention.

Our Development Process

Zero to One

We enjoy the process to work closely with our clients and partners to build products from a scratch. We feel excited seeing products taking off and being loved by thousands of people.

Most customers approach us to create a mobile application all from scratch, either a brand new mobile app solution for their existing businesses or a complete upgrade of their existing mobile apps. We adopt the Zero-to-one approach to help create their dream mobile apps.

Zero-to-One Mobile App Development

Agile development

We manage complexity and risk with Agile Development.

Projects are normally divided into Sprints OF 2-3 weeks. In each Sprint, there will be a deliverable working product version. We move fast, improve continuously, response to changes flexibly.

Agile Mobile App Development Singapore

Mobile App Development Services

We offer mobile application development services in the form of both native iOS/Android apps and hybrid apps. 

In the past, native apps were more preferred, whereas nowadays hybrid apps use popular frameworks, such as React Native are preferred for their relatively lower cost and good performance.

Native apps

Developed in native language, iOS(Swift or Objective-C), Android(Java)

Pros: Most optimised to the relevant mobile application platforms(iOS or Android).

Cons: Expensive in creating and maintain the application which requires two sets of developers in both iOS and Android platforms(most developers are specialised in one development language only)

Hybrid Apps

Developed using web application technologies, such as React Native and Vue.JS and compile into native apps. 

Pros: Less expensive to create and maintain the application with one set of developers overseeing both iOS and Android platforms.

Cons: Slightly less restricted to certain native mobile application features(such as AR/VR capabilities).

Fooyo Mobile App Portfolio

Since 2014, Fooyo has been creating mobile apps. It’s one of the pioneering mobile application development companies in Singapore. Here are some mobile apps for your references.

Stridy App

Stridy is a litter collection app that gives Striders the ability to track their impact while making the world a cleaner place.

Launch year: 2021

Used by: 76 countries

Community size: 6,412(up to Aug/2023)


Stridy Mobile App Development

Muslim SG App

MuslimSG is the perfect mobile app for the connected Muslim in Singapore! It has been designed from the ground up to provide essential information – prayer times, qiblah, khutbah, halal-certified eating directory – presented in one elegant, easy-to-use app.

Launch Year: 2018

Used by: 200,000+ users primarily in Singapore

Muslim SG Mobile App Development

Prime Aqua

Prime Aqua is an Aquaculture management application to manage operations of fish farming.

Launch Year: 2022

Used by 4 farms owned by Prime Aquaculture in Singapore.

Prime Aqua Mobile App Development

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