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    Wanmen.org 万门大学
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    Software Consulting, Development
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    Web & Mobile
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An online university for all Chinese self learners.

Wanmen university(万门大学) is a Beijing-based educational institute aiming at providing high quality education contents to all self-learners in China.

Image credit: hand written motto of Wanmen.org,"To Be Enlightened, On Your Own" by its founder - Mr. Tong Zhe

The Challenge

Education inequality is a big issue in China. Not every one could access the same high quality contents, especially when it comes to higher education. The English contents provided by universities in the U.S. are not ideal for Chinese learners. Furthermore, the Chinese higher education system is very specialised and it lacks the essences of Liberal Education, where people could have a broad understanding of knowledge and the world.

The Solution

Wanmen University is one of the pioneering private MOOCs(Massive Online Open Course) in China, where the institute provides its own learning materials and distributes the contents via both online and offline channels. The founder Mr. Tong Zhe approached Fooyo to create Wanmen's own website and mobile apps to reduce the knowledge acquisition barriers for average Chinese learners. With the website and apps created, knowledge becomes more accessible to students in both urban and rural areas.

Image credit: Fooyo and Wanmen

The Outcome

Wanmen.org is now one of the most influential online educational content providers in China, with millions of students across all provinces in China. Besides the online classes, there are also offline classrooms in rural areas where teachers use Wanmen's contents and platform to teach and improve teaching qualities.