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    MUIS Singapore
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    Software Consulting, Development
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    Web & Mobile
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“We worked closely together to ensure the project timelines were met. He often provides valuable insights and suggestions to ensure that the business needs is delivered through a consistent mobile app UI." Taufiq Ridwen, Assistant Manager, MUIS

Muslim SG community platform

Muslim SG is a dedicated online community platform for muslims in Singapore. The project involves both website and mobile apps development.
Muslim SG splash page design by Fooyo.

The Challenges

Muslim communities have specific requirements on certain services, such as prayer time notification, digital Quran reading, finding mosques and halal restaurants. A general CMS(Content Management System) solution for community management is not sufficient. There are mobile specific features which are necessarily to keep the community united. It is not only an engagement tool, but also a daily utility tool which could benefit people's everyday lives.
Muslim app related services needed for Muslim SG.

The Solution

Besides the media content related features such as news articles and featured articles, Fooyo has also developed community specific tools for the users to participate in everyday activities, including the prayer alarms, finding mosques nearby, Quran, classes, etc.
Muslim SG mobile apps developed by Fooyo for MUIS.

More Challenges

Managing a community is challenging. When it comes to online community management, data consistency and management efficiency become even more important. How can we design a virtual community that is consistent in data across multiple platforms and efficient in operational management?

The Solution

Together with MUIS, Fooyo has created the community website and apps to ensure media content delivery and data consistency. More management work gets optimised to improve operational efficiency.

Muslim.sg website screenshot by Muslim SG.
“His technical abilities are nothing short of excellent, and it is demonstrated in the delivery of this mobile application project. I feel confident in recommending Fooyo for future mobile application project." Taufiq Ridwen, Assistant Manager, MUIS