• Client

    Leheledu, Chongqing, China
  • Key Features

    Wechat Mini Program, E-Commerce, Map Navigation
  • Platforms



There are two major pain points. Firstly, how to help visitors better navigate through the offerings in the amusement park. Secondly, how to up-sell more products within the attraction. To solve these issues, Fooyo Travel provides an O2O(online to offline) solution which combines both WeChat Mini app and the offline signboards with QR codes.
The Localjoy WeChat Mini Program displays the POI information in a digital map. It provides a self -servicing AI tour guide that guide visitors through the POI(point of interests)


Together with the AI tour guide, the mini app also have an E-commerce module which allows visitors to buy souvenirs and show tickets. The show tickets and souvenirs contents can be managed via a backend SaaS portal by the attraction operators.


The discover nearby feature is used across the AIChongqing ecosystems. It provides guided attraction information, hotel information, tour information and F&B information around the current place.

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