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Chongqing Pass 惠游重庆(AI Chongqing), a city-level smart destination solution.

Chongqing Pass is a city-level smart tourism destination solution. It is an official platform of Chongqing Tourism&Culture Bureau, and featured as an important collaborative project between Singapore and China under the Sino-Singapore(Chongqing) Connectivity Initiatives.


As a young rising international city, Chongqing could like to position itself as a state that welcomes all visitors, whether they are domestic visitors from other provinces or international tourists from other countries. However, the fact that the broken online to offline digital experiences make it really difficult to provide seamless experiences for the travellers.

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

Singapore Service 4.0

The aim for AI Chongqing is to provide a seamless experience for visitors to find the right services at the right time. It is an industrial case of Singapore’s Service 4.0 idea. By adopting emerging technologies to the smart tourism product, the whole experiences become user-centric and seamless.
Photo: Singapore Service 4.0 blueprint by IMDA


Smartness is the key. The solution should be smart enough to recognise visitors' intentions and give suggestions accordingly. Various AI technologies have been integrated to give seamless and timely feedbacks.

Fooyo AI Travel Assistant

Using AI-powered audio guides to give suggestions to visitors

Fooyo Smart Navigation System

Using customised map and Fooyo's core navigation engine to give best visiting experiences

Smart Suggestion System

Give customised suggestions based on user profile and preferences
“由中国和新加坡合作打造的中英双语“惠游重庆”公共服务平台27日正式上线,将利用大数据智能化技术,为海内外游客提供智能便捷的旅游服务.” 新华社
“The Chinese-English bilingual "Chongqing Pass" smart tourism platform jointly built by China and Singapore was officially launched on the 27th. It uses big data and AI technologies to provide smart and convenient travel services for tourists domestically and internationally.” Xinhua News Agency
Photo: Honourable visits by ESM Goh, Minister Josephine Teo and Mr. Tan Kiat How.

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