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Smart Tourism System
Exploring Smart Tourism

Experience The Future: Exploring Smart Tourism

• We provide a business visualisation management solution based on digital maps. Improve the management efficiency of business organization and achieve resources interconnectivity.

• Provide brands and consumers with more accurate and convenient location based services, such as recommendation, booking, marketing and shopping guide services.

• Provide an integrated solution for the management of commercial complexes, including way-finding, indoor positioning, and marketing services, etc.

Tourism looks into 3 stages: Pre-trip, On-site & After-visit

Each stage, a customer will be interacting with different touch points whether online and offline, to buy your products and services.

Smart Tourism for Pre-Trip


Smart Tourism for On-Site Travel


Smart Tourism for After-Visit


Pre-Trip Smart Tourism

Pre-trip is the stage where a user access online channels to book travel-related services before arrival

Customer Touch Points

  • OTA Websites/apps
  • Your E-commerce Websites/Apps/WeChat Mini Programs
  • Your Social Channels such as Facebook/Instagrams, Telegrams,WhatsApp, Wechat, etc

User Requirements

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Air Tickets
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Service Reservation

Fooyo® Commerce Solution

  • Room Booking System
  • Ticketing Booking System
  • Service Reservation System
  • Restaurant Reservation System

Onsite is the key experience where travel businesses interacts with customers


  • Your E-commerce Websites/Apps/WeChat Mini Programs
  • Your Social Channels such as Facebook/Instagrams, Telegrams,WhatsApp, Wechat, etc


  • F&B Shops, Retails/Souvenir Shops, Kiosks 

Products and Services Customers Need

  • Food Ordering
  • Retail Shopping
  • Event Reservation

Fooyo® Commerce Solution

  • Customer Loyalty System
  • Food Ordering System
  • Core eCommerce Solution(e.g., Retail Shopping, Ticketing, etc).
  • Digital Marketing Solution
Onsite Smart Tourism
After-Visit Smart Tourism

Customer retention is an essential parts of the e-commerce private traffics


  • Your Social Channels such as Facebook/Instagrams, Telegrams,WhatsApp, Wechat, etc
  • Your E-commerce Websites/Apps/WeChat Mini Programs

Products and Services Customers Need

  • Digital Engagement 
  • Gamification 
  • Ticketing 
  • Customer Loyalty 
  • Membership

Fooyo® Commerce Solution

  • Customer Loyalty System 
  • Sales & Promotion System
  • Gamification System

Popular Smart Tourism Modules

Smart Navigation System

Smart Navigation System

Customised navigation based on Fooyo's core navigation engine

Content & Ticketing

Content & Ticketing

Optimise ticketing process for travelers to be user-friendly, seamless and hassle-free

AI Travel Assistant

AI Travel Assistant

Visitors can speak to the Audio-based AI Chatbot for realtime assistance without interpersonal contacts

Crowd Monitoring System

Crowd Monitoring System

Analyse realtime crowd movements based on Fooyo's core crowd monitoring system

Fooyo® Smart Tourism Solutions

With the advancement of mobile and AI technologies, accessing travel information has become easier, enabling more personalized and individualized travel experiences. To enhance the quality of travel services, optimize the tourist experience, and drive the rapid growth of the tourism market, the concept of ‘smart tourism’ has emerged and gained widespread attention and implementation. Smart tourism encompasses various aspects of the tourism industry, such as customer service, travel planning, and resource management. Its objective is to enhance customers’ travel experiences, improve the market competitiveness of tourism businesses, and facilitate the transition from traditional tourism to hybrid tourism.

How Smart Tourism Benefits Travel Business?

Smart tourism refers to the integration of innovative technologies and data-driven solutions to enhance the overall travel experience for both destinations and travelers. It involves leveraging digital advancements to optimize various aspects of the tourism industry, including destination management, hospitality services, transportation, and customer engagement.

Smart tourism has brought about significant transformations in the travel industry. It has revolutionized the way destinations are managed, and travellers access information and services during their journeys. The adoption of smart tourism practices has streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and enriched the travel experience, leading to increased visitor satisfaction and sustainable tourism growth.


Benefits to Destinations

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: Smart tourism allows destinations to collect and analyze vast amounts of data related to visitor preferences, behaviour, and patterns. This data-driven approach enables destinations to make informed decisions, better understand tourist demands, and tailor their offerings accordingly.

  2. Enhanced Destination Management: Smart technologies enable real-time monitoring of tourist flows and resource utilization, allowing destinations to optimize crowd management, traffic control, and resource allocation. This leads to more efficient use of infrastructure and improved visitor experiences.

  3. Personalized Services: With smart tourism, destinations can offer personalized services to travellers, such as personalized recommendations, tailored itineraries, and location-based offers. This enhances customer satisfaction and fosters a sense of connection with the destination.

Benefits to Travelers

    1. Seamless Travel Experience: Smart tourism provides travellers with seamless and interconnected services, such as mobile check-ins, digital ticketing, and navigation apps, making their travel experience smoother and hassle-free.

    2. Real-Time Information Access: Travelers can access real-time information about destinations, attractions, weather, events, and transportation through smart devices, enabling them to make well-informed decisions on the go.

    3. Personalized Recommendations: Smart tourism platforms offer personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and behaviour, suggesting relevant activities, restaurants, and attractions that align with the traveller’s interests.

In conclusion, smart tourism’s integration of technology and data-driven solutions has revolutionized the travel industry, offering numerous benefits to destinations and travellers alike. The seamless travel experience, personalized services, and sustainable practices promoted by smart tourism contribute to a more enjoyable and responsible travel journey.

Smart Tourism Case Studies

MySenotsa Smart Tourism App

MySenotsa App

MySentosa App provides tourist with customized maps based on local transportation, routes, landmarks, and points of interest in Singapore’s Sentosa Island. With Fooyo’s Smart Outdoor Navigation systems, it supports multiple modes of transportation and smart route recommendation (such as rain-free route)

Mandai Wildlife WeChat Mini Program

Scan QR Code with WeChat App.

Mandai Wildlife WeChat Mini Program

Designed to elevate the visitor experience at the renowned Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore. This innovative platform serves as a ticket booking platform, enabling seamless reservations and creating unforgettable moments for all visitors.

Singapore Flyer WeChat Mini Program

Scan QR Code with WeChat App.

Singapore Flyer WeChat Mini Program

Experience the convenience of the Singapore Flyer WeChat Mini Program. This iconic attraction now offers users the ability to purchase tickets, make reservations, and receive real-time updates on events and promotions. Get access to valuable information about the attraction, including its history, operational hours, and nearby amenities.

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"Fooyo has been an excellent partner, excelling at producing high quality services in app development and being responsive during the system maintenance phase"
Mr. Lawrence Tan
Sentosa Development Corporation

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