Fooyo Smart Navigation Solutions

Smarter way to navigate, indoor, or outdoor

Customised Outdoor Navigation

Highly-customisable GSP-based navigation

Fooyo Smart Navigation is highly customisable, from map layer, to POI(point of interests), and navigation routes.

Beacon-based Indoor Navigation

Consumer-facing Indoor Navigation Solution

Use mobile phones as GPS tracking devices to do indoor navigation with the beacon indoor positioning infrastructure.

Business-facing Indoor tracking system

Use beacon gateways together with the beacon positioning infrastructure to achieve business outcome of assets and staff tracking.


Sentosa, Singapore

Fooyo Smart Navigation solution has been deployed in the popular attraction of Sentosa, one of the leading leisure tourism destinations in southeast Asia. It supports customised navigation routes, various transportation types, and AR navigation.

Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou, China

The indoor positioning and navigation solution has been deployed in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. 

JLL Offices

The indoor navigation solution has been deployed for office space navigation use cases.

JTC Carparks

The indoor navigation solution has been deployed for navigations in carparks.

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