Fooyo Smart Navigation Systems

Smart indoor and outdoor navigation services are based on high-fidelity indoor maps and precise indoor positioning technology, and provide the robust navigation route through algorithms. It supports a rich range of platforms such as iOS, Android, mobile web, WeChat mini program, etc. The diversity can help meet the personalized needs of various scenarios.

Smart Outdoor Navigation Systems

Smart navigation plays a very important role in upgrading the tourist experience during the journey and analyzing visitor behavioural data. Whether it is indoor or outdoor navigation, smart tourism cannot be realized without a smart navigation system.

Outdoor Navigation Case Studies - Attraction Navigation

Singapore Sentosa Smart Navigation
Customize maps based on local transportation, routes, landmarks, and points of interest in Singapore's Sentosa Island. With Fooyo's Smart outdoor navigation system, it supports multiple modes of transportation and smart route recommendations (such as rain-free routes).

Outdoor Navigation Case Studies - AR Navigation

Sentosa AR navigation - first commercial AR navigation system

Sentosa AR Navigation is the world's first real-time AR navigation system launched (even before Google Maps), and it is based on Fooyo's internal high-precision AR positioning technology. It enables 3D signage superimposed on the real world to navigate and enhance the user experience.

Our Advantages

Comparison with other navigation systems

Smart Indoor Navigation Systems

Fooyo provides indoor positioning and navigation services for both B2C scenarios and B2B scenarios.

B2C (Consumers)

B2C scenario is mainly used for positioning and navigation of mobile device users

B2B (Business)

B2B scenario is mainly used for asset and staff tracking

B2C Indoor Navigation Architecture

B2B Indoor IoT Tracking System

Combined with Bluetooth bands, watches, badges and other devices can achieve:
Person-based positioning can be achieved:
Indoor navigation can be used in a variety of scenarios, including hospitals, museums, parking lots, industrial parks, transportation hubs, shopping malls, government agencies, etc.

Indoor Navigation Case Studies - Office Space

 JLL Space Finder - Highly accurate indoor navigation in office spaces
Space Finder is an indoor location and navigation system custom developed for JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), a leading global real estate professional services and investment management firm. It is designed for employees to find available meeting rooms in multi-story buildings. Navigation is based on a beacon system with the Fooyo indoor navigation system, which can improve positioning accuracy to 1 meter.
Core functions

Indoor Navigation Case Studies - Parking Navigation

JTC LaunchPad Parking Navigation - Indoor navigation in parking lots with Beacon System and LOT.
JTC LaunchPad parking navigation system consists of outdoor and indoor navigation. It provides navigation from the starting point to a specific parking space in the parking lot closest to your destination. It also integrates the following features: parking space reservation, automatic payment, membership system, etc.