Fooyo Smart Navigation System

Smarter way to navigate, indoor or outdoor.

Smart Navigation System

Fooyo® provides both smart indoor and outdoor navigation solutions

Smart Navigation System - Fooyo

Customised Outdoor Navigation

An outdoor navigation system is a way-finding solution that aid individuals navigating through outdoor environments, such as streets, roads, trails, and open spaces. This system typically relies on a combination of satellite-based global navigation satellite systems like GPS (Global Positioning System), along with various mapping data and algorithms.

Beacon-based Indoor Navigation

The advanced indoor positioning and navigation system offers indoor navigation and positioning solutions tailored for various venues and use cases. The complete system encompasses Indoor Digital Maps, Navigation, and Analytics.

Contemporary indoor positioning systems are wireless and facilitate real-time tracking of assets and individuals within a venue or building. Analytics assist companies in comprehending the utilization of different areas.

Customised Outdoor Navigation System

Highly-customisable GPS-based Navigation

Fooyo® Smart Navigation is highly customisable, from the map layer to navigation routes.

The system provides real-time location information, allowing users to determine their position on a map and plan routes to reach their desired destinations. It offers turn-by-turn directions, distance estimations, travel time calculations, and points of interest (POI) information, making it easier for users to find specific locations.

GPS-Based Smart Navigation System

Indoor Positioning and Navigation

Beacon-based indoor positioning

The Fooyo® Navigation uses Bluetooth beacon mesh technology to position the location of a user, with mobile phones used as Bluetooth tracking devices to get the user’s real-time location.

A smart navigation mechanism is developed as SDKs in the mobile apps to facilitate the way-finding from the user’s current positioning to the destination. 

Consumer-Facing Indoor Navigation System

Indoor Tracking for business use cases.

In the business context, physical assets, such as wheelchairs are being tracked. These assets do not carry a mobile phone as a tracking device. Often, a Bluetooth Tag or Bluetooth wristband will be used as a tracking device. More Bluetooth infrastructure, which consists of both Bluetooth Beacon Mesh and Bluetooth or LoRA gateways needs to be in place to make the asset tracking work in realtime.  The same mechanism can be used for Staff Tracking using Bluetooth Tags. 

Business-Facing Indoor Navigation System

Smart Navigation System in Action

Sentosa, Singapore

Fooyo Smart Navigation solution has been deployed in the popular attraction of Sentosa, one of the leading leisure tourism destinations in Southeast Asia. It supports customised navigation routes, various transportation types, and AR navigation.

Visitors at Sentosa now can enjoy using digital maps and the smart navigation system from various channels, including but not limited to websites(https://maps.sentosa.com.sg), mobile apps(MySentosa iOS and Android apps), WeChat mini program(玩转圣淘沙), etc.

Smart Navigation for Sentosa
Sentosa Smart Navigation System

Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou, China

The indoor positioning and smart navigation solution has been deployed in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Visitors to Guangzhou Baiyun international airport can enjoy seamless indoor navigation experiences using the official WeChat mini program of the airport. 

Smart Navigation System

JLL Offices

The indoor navigation solution has been deployed for office space navigation use cases.

Staff in JLL can use this space finder tool to navigate from their current location to the meeting room of their choice, and make meeting room reservations accordingly. The Bluetooth solution is also used to detect whether there are people in the meeting room, which can be used as the realtime availability info in case people use the meeting room without booking.

JLL Offices Smart Navigation System

JTC Carparks

The indoor navigation solution has been deployed for navigations in carparks.

This is a demo project, which was deployed at the car parks in the JTC launchpad at One North, Singapore. 

Visitors can use the mobile app to navigate to the car park(using GPS-based outdoor navigation mechanism), and switch to beacon-based indoor navigation seamlessly.

JTC Carparks Smart Navigation System

Why Choose Fooyo's Smart Navigation System?

A highly customisable outdoor navigation system

Unlike some large-scale map solutions which provide standard navigation solutions, Fooyo® outdoor navigation system can be highly customised based on the customers’ requirements.

For instance, Fooyo® navigation supports customised route planning, e.g., a sheltered path where you will not get in the rain, and a bike rider path for cyclists. The transportation types can also be customised, with different modes of transportation, including public transportation, walking, cycling, motorcycling, cars, etc.

Accurate, real-time indoor positioning at scale

The Fooyo® indoor positioning system presents several key benefits. Firstly, through the implementation of diverse mechanisms to enhance positioning accuracy, we can achieve on-map blue dot placement precision within 5-15 meters, with a 95% confidence. Secondly, we have developed an in-house indoor navigation mechanism that integrates seamlessly with indoor maps, allowing for the overlay of various contents on the maps. This versatile feature opens up numerous business use cases and contributes to overall business success.

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