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Fooyo Commerce™ is a comprehensive solution you need to monitor, improve and grow your multi-channel businesses.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platform






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The omni-channel solution for all your business needs.​

Fooyo Commerce™ consolidates all your business channels into our integrated omni-channel platform, empowering you to elevate your business growth to new heights.

Omni-Channel Ecommerce Platform

Omni-Channel Platform with B2C in Mind

Consumer behaviours are forever changing, and they use different touch points to access interactions with businesses. They get inspiration from social networks, compare prices on marketplaces online, purchase directly from official websites or mobile apps, or possibly visit an offline shop to complete the transaction. 

When creating e-commerce solutions, it’s not just creating an e-commerce site, but more on understanding the customer behaviours and understand the user journey, and then getting the leads converted into deals.

Unleashing the Power of Omnichannel Ecommerce

In contrast to “public traffic” where the visits mainly land in external e-commerce platforms, “private traffic”focuses on building long term strength of the business and customer retention.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platform

How Fooyo Commerce™ work out the omni-channel strategy?


Depending on customer’s user journey, the solution creates a customer-centric experience that captures users’ needs.

Unified experience

It provides unified user experience cross multiple online and offline channels.


The solution gives personalised suggestions based on different contexts and touch points.

What are the available channels?

The solution is currently available on most online channels, including websites, mobile apps, wechat mini programs, and various social network channels. It also has integrated with offline channels, including offline POS systems and Kiosk systems.

Grow your businesses further with our
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Omni-channel Ecommerce

Omni-Channel Commerce

Sell across all channels and manage everything in one place with Fooyo Commerce

B2C Ecommerce Platform

Comprehensive Integrations

Plug-in our industry-specific integrations and run your business like never before.

B2C Ecommerce

Consolidated business data

Oversee and manage all your multi-channel businesses with real time data.

Grow with ease.

Reach out to your customers via multiple channels and manage everything from a single platform.

Develop with freedom.

Work with familiar development languages and framework without worrying about system compatibility.

Manage effectively.

Use your existing content management system to publish updates and announcements to all your businesses.

Expand endlessly.

Display your online store on virtually any screen including web pages, mobile applications and smart devices.

Headless Ecommerce

Success Stories Using Our Headless Ecommerce

Prime Supermarket - Headless Ecommerce

Prime Supermarket

Fooyo Commerce™ has been chosen by Prime Supermarket, one of Singapore's largest supermarket chains, to serve as its community social commerce platform across web, mobile, and mini program channels.

Mandai - Omni-Channel Ecommerce Platform

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Fooyo Commerce™ solution as chosen as its licensed Omni-channel Commerce platform for F&B, Retail, and Ticketing purposes, catering to both online and offline use cases.

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SMEs in Singapore may enjoy
Up to 50% grant support with
Fooyo Commerce V2.0