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  • PART 1
    About Fooyo

    Fooyo is a Singapore based digital solution company primarily focuses on the tourism, retail and hospitality sector. We create cloud-native digitalisation tools for destinations and merchants to engage with visitors and enhance visitors’ onsite experiences.


    Our clients are tourism and retail-related business owners, including cities, attractions, hospitalities and F&Bs.


    Fooyo Team

    40+ smart creatives and growing


    Headquarter, est. 2014
    @ One North


    Branch, est. 2017


    Branch, est. 2019
    Operation & BD

    Awards and Certificates

    Fooyo is an international award winning smart solution provider.

    The 1st Prize for the Destination Sector in WeChat Developer Challenge Singapore 2019

    The 1st Prize for the Shopping Mall Sector in WeChat Developer Challenge Berlin 2019

    Hack Osaka Startup Awards

    Global Bronze Prize

    WeChat Developer Challenge

    #1 In the attraction sector
    Global 4th place

    ASEAN-KOREA Startup Week

    Top 40 ASEAN startups
    3 SG companies are awarded

    Disrupt Berlin WDC

    #1 In the attraction sector
    Global 4th place
    disrupt berlin

    Most Credible WeChat Mini Program Expert in Singapore

    We are one of the only three overseas WeChat mini program experts certified by Tencent Academy and Tencent CEO.

    The only company in Singapore with this certificate.

    PART 2
    About Mini Shop

    Mini Shop
    Set up your WeChat based store in just ONE week!

    Mini Shop is a cloud e-commerce system to help merchants set up their social e-commerce shops on WeChat and other social networks efficiently

    Product Overview

    Comfortable shopping experience with light & simple UI/UX design

    High Flexibility - Customisable Home Page

    The merchant owner is able to customise the homepage easily through a Content Management System.

    High Flexibility - Customisable Category Page

    The merchant owner is able to choose one out of two designs for the category page:

    one is more suitable for F&B and the other one is more for retails

    Various Marketing Tools

    Support Live Stream Shopping

    Support Both Shipping and Self-Collection

    Support WeChat Pay, PayNow & Cash on Delivery

    Support Two Different Versions

    Provide Integrated Delivery Service

    Merchant scan set up their own delivery service with customizable delivery fee calculation models.

    They can also utilise the integrated delivery service provided by Fooyo’s partners.

    WeChat Pay Cash Rewards

    As a premium partner of WeChat, our customers are able to apply for the WeChat Pay cash rewards for their end users with up to 888 RMB(180 SGD) of cash vouchers.

    Mini Shop Web Version

    Know more about Mini-Shop web version, please refer to the

    PART 3
    Our Mini Program Use Cases

    Merchant Cases

    Growth after the launch of the WeChat Mini Program

    Other WeChat Mini Program Cases


    Food delivery&pickups 餐饮行业

    Local Marts 本地精选超市

    Beauty & Retail 美妆行业