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PART 2 About WeChat Eco-system
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About Fooyo

Fooyo is a Singapore based digital solution company primarily focuses on the tourism, retail and hospitality sector. We create cloud-native digitalisation tools for destinations and merchants to engage with visitors and enhance visitors’ onsite experiences.


Our clients are tourism and retail-related business owners, including cities, attractions, hospitalities and F&Bs.


Fooyo Team

40+ smart creatives and growing


Headquarter, est. 2014
@ One North


Branch, est. 2017


Branch, est. 2019
Operation & BD

Awards and Certificates

Fooyo is an international award winning smart solution provider.


The 1st Prize for the Destination Sector in WeChat Developer Challenge Singapore 2019


The 1st Prize for the Shopping Mall Sector in WeChat Developer Challenge Berlin 2019

Hack Osaka Startup Awards

Global Bronze Prize

WeChat Developer Challenge

#1 In the attraction sector
Global 4th place

ASEAN-KOREA Startup Week

Top 40 ASEAN startups
3 SG companies are awarded

Disrupt Berlin WDC

#1 In the attraction sector
Global 4th place

Fooyo’s Expertise for WeChat Eco-system

WeChat Advertisement

We are certified Tencent Advertisement Overseas Agent

WeChat Public Account

We are localised

Based in Singapore

Has two branches in China

We are experienced

Providing services for 20+ businesses both in China and overseas

WeChat Mini Program

We are one of the only three overseas WeChat mini program experts certified by Tencent Academy and Tencent CEO

Certified Partner of WeChat

Cash vouchers worth S$200,000 for each of Fooyo’s quality clients
Each user can collect cash vouchers up to S$180 from the mini program for WeChat Pay

About WeChat Eco-system

About WeChat Eco-system

Enjoy the traffic benefits of WeChat
  • WeChat has 1,100,000,000+ monthly active users
  • Chinese users spend >55% of their mobile internet usage on Tencent Products, especially on WeChat
  • 70% telephone data are used in WeChat, when Chinese tourists are overseas
  • 3.63 million mainland Chinese visited Singapore in 2019

  • In Singapore, there are 1 million monthly active users

    How Can WeChat Eco-system Benefit Your Business?

    1,260,000,000+ monthly active users globally

    1,000,000+ monthly active users in Singapore

    PART 3
    Our Mini Program Use Cases

    PART 4
    Other WeChat Service Use Cases