Fooyo Crowd Monitoring Solutions

By employing a range of IoT devices, we gather data to effectively monitor crowd levels within a physical venue.

Crowd Flow Monitoring System

Monitor the crowd flow within the a specific region:
1. How many people have entered
2. How many people have left
3. How many people remain

Heat Map

Provide an intuitive image overview of the crowd:
1. Based on both the camera and Wi-Fi sniffer data
2. Using in-house algorithms to increase the coverage

Queue Management System

Perform a headcount of individuals in the queue.
1. How many people in the queue
2. What is the estimated waiting time

Live Stream System

Visitors and operations would be able to watch the actual status through the live cameras


Hongyadong, Chongqing, China

Hongyadong, one of China’s top travel destinations, faces significant challenges with over-tourism, particularly during peak periods such as golden weeks and weekends. To address crowd control and monitor visitor traffic, the crowd monitoring system was implemented in 2019.

Sentosa, Singapore

The crowd monitoring system has been deployed in various attractions in Sentosa, to give better visibility of the queue status in popular attractions.

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