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We enjoy the process to work closely with our clients and partners to build products from a scratch. We feel excited seeing products taking off and being loved by thousands of people.

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We manage complexity and risk with Agile Development

Projects are normally divided into Sprints OF 2-3 weeks. In each Sprint, there will be a deliverable working product version. We move fast, improve continuously, response to changes flexibly.

Sustainability Tech Case: Stridy

At the heart of Stridy is a litter collection app that gives Striders the ability to track their impact while making the world a cleaner place. The app allows users to log the types of litter they encounter, the amount of litter they pick, total distance covered and also show how much other Striders are contributing! Find more on the Stridy website and mobile apps.

Logistics Case: ChartDesk

ChartDesk is a global shipping logistics SaaS platform that offers a suite of tools custom-built to meet the demands of a modern ship chartering team. Built around a collaborative messaging framework, the platform gets your team started on the path of ship digitization. Find more about ChartDesk.

Lifestyle Community Case: MUSLIM.SG

  • The Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, is a statutory board of Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth in Singapore.
  • Fooyo is providing full-stack services to MUIS for mobile applications and website

HR Tech and Edutech: NUS Career+

  • NUS Career+ is a study and career planning application designed for the NUS undergraduates to be better prepared for their careers. Given the career interests, the system will automatically generate a study plan for the users’ reference and keep monitoring the industry trends for the users.

Clean Tech: Evolta Go

Evolta Go is a Singapore-based Electric Vehicle (EV) charging unit operator that recharges every voyage.

Aquaculture: Prime Aquaculture

Prime Aquaculture is an smart aquaculture management system to manage the aquaculture facilities and daily operations for the fish farms owned by Prime Group.

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