5G Messaging

The direct interactive media channel for user engagement and connectivity.

What is 5G Messaging

The 5G messaging service is a new upgrade of basic short message services. It uses the native short message application on the smartphone as the entry point to support users to use various rich media such as image, audio and video, group chat, file transfer, and content sharing during calls. In the form of messaging, one-stop business experience such as interaction, search, sharing and payment can be achieved in the message application. 5G messages have multiple display forms such as short videos, graphics, interactive messages, card messages, audio-based chatbot, etc.,

Why it matters for tourism industry?

1. Tourists lack convenient and fast closed-loop ecological services during the travel process, and usually need to use multiple APPs to complete travel plans and travel experience, which is particularly cumbersome and has high berries for use (download, registration, and attention required).
2. The traditional SMS have little publicity effects and low reach rates.
3. The social media channel used by tourism businesses are mainly used for image and text content promotion, with low interactivity, high customer acquisition costs, user reach rate and low conversion rate.

The Solution

The solution is aimed to be the first 5G messaging service system for the cultural and tourism industry. The solution helps improve the government publicity and enhance its connectivity with the tourists; help cultural and tourism resource owners to improve their quality of services, increase the conversion rate of tourists' consumption; and provide tourists with a convenient travel service experience.

AI Chatbot

Our 5G messaging application will be empowered by AI-based Chatbot. It provides a more interactive way to engage with visitors directly using audio and text mesages.

Our Advantages

Technical advantages

With 5G messaging, users do not need to download a new app, and can receive 5G messages at the native message app on the 5G smartphone. The 5G messaging service makes information communication between individual users richer and more convenient. In addition to text messages, users can also send pictures, audio and video and other media and information in multiple formats. 

Policy advantages

5G will be national initiatives for many countries including China and Singapore. The governments, operators and other enterprises to jointly formulate terminal access standards to support the development of 5G messaging services.

Market advantage

According to the operators' forecast, 5G messaging will be officially launched for commercial use in the second half of 2021 in China, with the market size of 100 billion RMB. The project is currently in the market "Piloting period." Operators have a relatively high threshold for selecting CSP as a 5G messaging partner. Only companies with the ability to expand the industrial ecosystem can be selected.