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At Fooyo®, we help businesses create data platforms and digital solutions to improve productivities and reduce costs.

Example: An award-winning EV(Electric Vehicle) charging app together with the Operation Management Portal in collaboration with Evolta, Siemens, and Creativeans.

Fooyo is a Singapore based smart solution company, primarily focusing on user experience enhancements of digital products, development of data platforms, big data analysis and visualisation. 

We believe that “User-centric Design” and “Data-Driven technology” will be the driving forces for modern businesses to become competitive and sustainable.

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Products and Services

Fooyo® Smart Tourism enables merchants to gain a deeper understanding of their visitors through direct digital interactions across the entire user journey, which encompasses pre-trip planning, on-site experiences, and after-visit retention.

Fooyo Commerce™ consolidates all your business channels into our comprehensive omnichannel platform, empowering you to take your business to unprecedented heights of growth.

Fooyo® creates AI Chatbots and fine-tuned models based on ChatGPT for businesses to provide enhanced services and engage with their customers more intelligently.

The WeChat Mini Program can be customized and seamlessly integrated as a native app, enabling brands to create unique and consistent experiences that align with their brand identity for customers.

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Digital Services We Provide

Mobile Application

iOS apps, Android apps , or Hybrid applications.

Web Application

Web application development, web-based business workflow development

WeChat Mini Program

Mini Programs on the WeChat eco-system


Smart navigation, GPS-based outdoor navigation or Beacon-based indoor navigation solutions

ChatGPT Application

ChatGPT plugins and fine-tuned models to make AI work for your businesses.


Internet of Things, Integrate with hardware API/SDK

Awards and Certificates

AWS Certified Solution Architect

Alibaba Cloud Expert

Microsoft Partner

Tencent WeChat Ecosystem Partner

Hack Osaka Global Bronze Prize

ASEAN-Korea Week Top 40 ASEAN Startups

WeChat Mini Program Expert

Clutch, Top B2B companies Asia

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Please do not trust the unverified message sender on social media or messaging apps (such as unofficial Telegram or unofficial WhatsApp) who claims to be our staffs. 

Please verify if these channels are listed under Fooyo’s official website(e.g., Telegram/WhatsApp number should be +65 97129446)

Please ensure that the website you are visiting is the official Fooyo website at https://www.fooyo.sg, and the email communication is through the official emails with the domain name @fooyo.sg. Please feel free to report such cases to us at hi@fooyo.sg if needed. Thank you.

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